FOI Applicant Feedback Survey

Please take a minute to fill out our Freedom of Information Customer Satisfaction Survey and let us know about your experience.

Any information you provide will be anonymous, however, if you were not happy with the service we provided and wish us to review your case please add your Freedom of Information reference number to enable us to respond.

The survey will be anonymous and all completed responses will be directed to the Freedom of Information e mail account.

2a. Quality of service provided

2b. The degree to which the response answered your request

2c. Ease of understanding of the response

2d. Overall helpfulness of replies

3. If any of the information was withheld, were you told which exemptions had been applied to the information?

4. If any of the information was withheld, were you given information on how to request a review or complain to the Trust and the Information Commissioner?

5. Did you receive the information within the 20 working day deadline? (If yes, go to question 8)

6. If you did not receive the information within the 20 day deadline, were you advised about the delay and kept informed about the progress?

7. If your request was refused, were the reasons clearly explained to you?

8. Did you look at the Publication Scheme on the Web site to try to find the information?

9. If yes how easy did you find it to locate the information?

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