Recovery Service - Elms House

Contact Details

The Elms House
SY2 5PE  

Telephone: 01743 356127 (24hrs, 7 Days a Week)
Fax Number: 01743 236281


Description of Service

The Elms House is a 14 bedded 24hr nursed Rehabilitation/Recovery community ward, for people with enduring mental health difficulties. There are two semi independent living flats and a practice flat on site. Individuals are expected to move on from Elms House to live either in residential care or in supported accommodation in the community. The main function of Elms House is to assess clients for daily living activities, risk assessments in managing mental health, self medication. Social inclusion and social skills training.

Referral Process

Care Co-ordinator; Specialist Mental Health Service

Additional Information

Opening hours:  24hrs, 7 Days a Week 

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